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Greenfields® is a committed organization with a long-standing experience in the manufacturing, construction, installation and development of innovative synthetic turf systems.

With a unique and complete in-house laboratory and strong exclusive partnerships, GreenFields can offer complete synthetic turf systems for a variety of sports, making GreenFields innovative and unequalled within the sports industry.

The Greenfields dedicated team works to provide cost-effective and quality products whilst also focusing on the research & development of new innovative surfaces for the international sports industry. Through our internal test house facility, we strive to develop products that match the stringent requirements of the sports governing bodies around the world. Safety standards continue to be at the forefront of our product development, but we also take care to focus on long term performance.

In 2004 GreenFields joined forces with leading South African carpeting company, Belgotex Sport, to expand their capacity and enable them to offer a complete service in artificial surfaces – from the initial feasibility study to the manufacture and laying of the turf and the development and implementation of an ongoing maintenance plan. Belgotex manufactures the turf at its state-of-the-art factory to the highest international specifications. In 2015 Belgotex Sport opened it's own Construction Division specialising in the construction of specialised sports civil works.


Greenfields Sports Greens





GreenFields, the leading synthetic sports surface company in the world, has longstanding experience in the development, manufacture, construction, installation and maintenance of synthetic turf systems. Our ability to provide high-quality product innovation and turnkey solutions is unrivaled within the sports turf industry.
The GreenFields’ team works to provide both cost-effective and premium quality product solutions whilst focusing on researching and developing of new surfaces for the international sports industry. Through our internal testing facility, we develop products that match the requirements of the sport’s governing bodies around the world. Safety standards continue to be at the forefront of our product development, but we remain focused on providing long term performance and playability.



Greenfields South African is part of Greenfields Europe where the head office located in Genemuiden, The Netherlands. The Greenfield s global offices cover the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East, Asia and India. With additional production facilities in Korea, Algeria and United Arab Emirates and strong alliances with manufacturers in Australia, Russia and North America we are geared to meet the needs of the global synthetic sports turf market



Greenfield's South Africa is internationally connected but locally driven. Our products are designed specifically for the harsh south African sun and designed with our sports teams in mind.



GreenFields sports turf systems are developed following intense research of components that make up the end constructed product, followed by repeated testing at our internal test house facilities, we strive to simulate long term behavioural standards most consistent with the performance of natural grass fields in terms of bounce, roll, energy restitution and damping. This innovative approach to meet and exceed the standards set by the worlds governing bodies explains why our products are chosen by leading sports clubs, facilities and end users around the world.



The FIFA standards for sports turf systems are designed to ensure that a consistent world class standard of surface is available internationally. These surfaces must require a minimum amount of maintenance, yet be available for the development of players’ skills all year round. Through research, testing, the development of innovative products as well as training and strategic partner relationships, GreenFields® provides you with surfaces able to meet these stringent standards at the project inception and in the long term.
GreenFields are an FIH (International Hockey Federation) approved synthetic turf manufacturer. Synthetic hockey fields are available to meet FIH Global classification or FIH National classification. An FIH approved hockey field provides a professional quality playing surface suitable for competition matches.FIH Global hockey fields are required for international competitions including: Olympic Games; World Cups; Junior World Cups; Champions’ Trophies and FIH World Cup Qualifying Tournaments. Some national tournaments also require an FIH Global certified pitch. Hockey fields with an FIH National classification are satisfactory for most other tournaments.