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The development of artificial grass surfaces has stimulated much interest in the games of hockey, tennis, rugby and football. The improved qualities of artificial grass have been recognised by international governing bodies as FIH, FIFA and IRB. But artificial grass is also a perfect solution for bowls because of less maintenance and more hours of play, and last but not least it offers natural play.



  • Greenfields Multi Bowls
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  • Artificial turf for bowls is the solution for increasing the hours of play with no compromise of the green quality. Synthetic turf pitches can be played on more frequently and for longer. A natural grass pitch begins to deteriorate after about 250 hours play per season, while synthetic turf can be played on 24 hours a day 7 days a week – dependent on good regular maintenance. With GreenFields sports turf, bowls players can enjoy a full season of lush grass on a new artificial bowls surface.
  • Maintaining a natural grass pitch is labour intensive and requires significant investment of time, effort and capital. While regular maintenance is important to preserve the life of a quality synthetic sports turf such as GreenFields, it is a lot easier and more affordable over the long term GreenFields will also create a customised cleaning and maintenance plan for your needs, train your ground staff in maintenance procedures or implement the maintenance programme we develop on a once off or contractual basis.
  • Increase club size & social partcipation.