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Belgotex Sport together with exclusive partnerships with experienced suppliers and manufacturers, patents and trademarks can offer an unequaled range of Golf Turf Systems. Our main goal is to provide the golf market through selected distributors with high-quality artificial turf products.



  • Driving mats
    On the driving range or on the golf course, driving mats have to meet very specific demands such as wear resistance, shock absorbency and stability, Greenfields has developed driving mats that meet all these characteristics. All driving mats are equipped with a knitted 6.6 nylon yarn that has been attached to the backing by means of a heat process, these various backings are able to offer unique playing characteristics and the required shock absorption.
  • Putting Greens
    Greenfields has developed putting green systems with artificial grass non-filled or filled with sand, this will allow the golf ball to react with exactly the same playing characteristics as that of natural grass. Silica sand is used as an infill so as the golf ball hits the synthetic green from a distance its energy is absorbed providing a natural playing surface. Greenfields unfilled putting green systems are suitable only for short game chipping surfaces and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. The non-directional polyethylene monofilament fibre requires little maintenance, however, due to its non-directional nature provides consistent ball speeds from all directions.



  • Artificial turf for putting greens is the solution for increasing the hours of play with no compromise of the green quality. 
    Synthetic turf greens can be played on more frequently and for longer. A natural grass green begins to deteriorate after about 250 hours play per season, while synthetic turf can be played on 24 hours a day 7 days a week – dependent on good regular maintenance. With GreenFields sports turf, golfers can enjoy hours of practice on a new artificial putting green.
  • Maintaining a natural grass green is labour intensive and requires a significant investment of time, effort and capital. 
    While regular maintenance is important to preserve the life of a quality synthetic sports turf such as GreenFields, it is a lot easier and more affordable over the long term GreenFields will also create a customised cleaning and maintenance plan for your needs, train your ground staff in maintenance procedures or implement the maintenance programme we develop on a once off or contractual basis.