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Hockey is recognized as a first-class sport no matter what level your team plays, it is demanding of its players' speed, agility as well as physical strength. These requirements demand the best possible hockey surface at your location as essential.
The evolution of the playing surface from grass to artificial pitches has seen the game of hockey change dramatically. Players are able to control the ball more easily and the increasing ball speed has made hockey a faster and more exciting game. With a unique in house laboratory and strong exclusive partnerships, Belgotex Sport has played a key role in this continuous development spearheading progress for the modern game.

Belgotex Sport works together with accredited laboratories that carry out testing and research for international sporting bodies because we want to offer you the most innovative products on the market. These laboratories measure the effect and benefits artificial surfaces have on ball roll, ball bounce, friction, sliding, resistance, hardness and shock absorption ensuring a safe and pleasurable playing surface.




  • Water Based
    Belgotex Sport water based hockey systems have the FIH Global classification for Olympic and international tournaments. The hockey pitch must have an applied water layer before it is used and irrigation is achieved by pop up sprinklers. Although more expensive than sand filled systems, a water based hockey pitch provides the best performance and safety characteristics available in the modern game.

    Hockey Pitch Performance
    This superior grade of hockey pitch has a very high density of artificial grass with no sand infill thus providing a consistent ball roll and bounce. The pitch is fully irrigated with a layer of water which results in an extremely fast and professional game. Due to the absence of sand, the blades of artificial grass are free-moving which enables players to get their hockey stick under the ball. This allows for a technical game with many possibilities.

    Hockey Player Safety
    The water layer in the hockey pitch has LSR (low slide resistance) and shock absorbance properties for excellent player safety. Unlike some sand dressed hockey pitches, the surface will remain soft even at low temperatures thereby reducing the risk of friction burns. The water also has a cooling effect and provides a protective layer between players and the pitch. For additional safety, Belgotex Sport hockey pitches are fitted with a dynamic shock pad (called an e-layer) which places less stress on the player’s muscles and joints.

  • Sand Dressed
    Belgotex Sport sand dressed hockey fields have some unique advantages over water-based hockey fields. Sand dressed fields provide a budget solution suitable for multi-sports such as recreational soccer and some other ball games. They are also environmentally friendly due to no irrigation requirements. Although sand dressed hockey fields do not meet FIH Global classification, in some cases they can be awarded FIH National classification for tournament play. There are two types of sand based hockey fields:  Dressed and Semi Water Based.

    Dressed Hockey Fields
    A dressed hockey field is one which has a partial sand infill between 66% to 80% of pile depth. This infill is enough to maintain the blades of artificial grass in a vertical position. The appearance resembles an unfilled hockey field but with a slightly longer pile height.

    Semi Water Based Pitch
    A semi water-based hockey field (sometimes called “half sand filled”) is one which has a sand infill less than 60% of pile depth. The artificial grass surface is of a higher density than other sand-based hockey fields. A built-in sprinkler system irrigates the field which provides a high-quality surface similar to a water-based pitch.



Installing an artificial hockey pitch will provide you with:

  • Consistent and correct ball roll
  • Permanent lines always in the correct position
  • Demarcated practice areas
  • Safe, even playing surface
  • Easy and cost effective maintenance
  • Even ball bounce
  • Shock absorption
  • Safe, even playing surface



The Federation of International Hockey (FIH), the world hockey governing body has been researching products in an effort to reduce the dependence on expensive hockey systems. At Belgotex Sport our hockey systems are able to conform to the standards required following this research by the FIH.