How much does a hockey/football/ multi field etc cost?

This is dependent on the size field, turf system and extra items required on the project.

How long does your turf last?

The warranties applicable are:
Hockey – 8 yrs
Football – 7 yrs
Five-a-side – 5 yrs
With consistent maintenance to this fields, this can be extended.

How long does it take to build a field?

A full field will take 4 to 5 months, weather dependent.

What happens when it needs to be replaced?

The base / e-layer will be inspected for level corrections and the turf installed thereafter. It must be noted that various systems and sports codes have different subbase layers.A Belgotex Sport Rep will assist you with the process.

What goes underneath the turf?

Hockey requires a compacted stone/sand grade crusher, an asphalt layer and a shock pad.Football fields can be installed on a compacted stone/sand grad crusher and a shock pad can be added for a higher level of performance.

How many sports codes can I play on a single surface?

The Belgotex Multi-Oval product can accommodate Tennis, Netball, Hockey, Cricket and Futsal.Most turfs are multi-functional and but may be limited to certain sport codes.

What is the size of a hockey/football/ athletics etc field?

Hockey – 91.4m x 55m
Football – 105m x 68m,
however there are various lengths for fields
90 to 120m and width 45m to 90m
This the field of play only and excludes run-offs.

Which is better, water or sand based/dressed?

A Water based surface for Hockey is considered for elite play as the Hockey ball travels faster across this surface and pace of the game is faster.

What sort of maintenance is required?

Routine weekly and monthly checklist provided for the facilities staff and a yearly maintenance run with specialised equipment. Maintenance is minimal when compared to natural grass facilities.

Can you play when it’s wet or raining?

Yes, the turf and facility is designed to drain correctly, so there is no puddling. The products can be utilised wet or dry. Water Based systems are best utilized wet for optimal performance.

I’ve played on turf and it can get really hot, is that safe?

The product is a type of polyethylene or polypropylene based product and can get hot, however it is safe. The products can be sprayed with water to reduce the temperature of the surface.

If I fall will it hurt me?

There is a potential for friction burns to occur as they do on grass. Our hockey and soccer fields are designed to assist with Impact Protection Index as they are sand and rubber filled systems and also contain shockpads.

Does playing on turf increase chances of injury?

No, in fact it will make the playing surface more reliable and consistent.

What is that black rubber stuff on the field, and is it necessary?

This is shredded tyre rubber which is used as a performance infill for Football, Rugby and Multisport fields. It is part of the turf system design, which assists with a consistent ball bounce and protection of players joints and body when falling.

Do you have to water it, I’ve seen some fields being watered?

No turf fields do not need to be watered unless it is a Hockey water based system, then watering occurs before and during play. Watering the field can also assist lowering the temperature of the field surfa

What are the benefits of turf vs natural grass?

  • Water saving
  • Reliable and consistent ball bounce
  • Offers a safe surface to play Hockey and Rugby on
  • Increase in level of skill, player and team performance
  • No insecticides or pesticides.
  • Product does not require mowing or cutting

Is all turf the same, why is yours better?

UV stabilisers made for harsher Southern African conditions.
Yarn is supplied by world leaders Greenfields, based in the Netherlands.
The rolls are locally manufactured in our factory based in Pietermaritzburg.
FIH, FIFA and WR certified suppliers of these Sports systems.

Where can I see your installations?

We have facilities nationwide constructed and installed in Schools, Universities, Clubs and Municipal facilities.
Some of our most recent are: PUKKE Hockey stadium, Rivonia Primary multi court, Cliffview Indoor centre, ….

What sports are appropriate to be played on what surface?

Hockey and Tennis on our low pile products.
Football and Rugby on our long pile products.

What is the difference between a 40mm and 60mm football product?

This is called the pile height and we ideally use a 40mm product for Five-a-side football and a 60mm product for an Elite Football surface.

Can football be played on Oval?

Yes, if the players use non studded shoes or Futsal boots.

Can artificial turf be used as a temporary court?

Yes, this is possible as long as you have a suitable flat surface. Reuse after this can be difficult as the removal of the seaming tape and glue from the joined rolls can be difficult.

What is a rough estimate on a new standard sized Hockey field/ Football / Five-a-side?

Cost – depends on size and location of facility.

What does my field need in order for it to be a FIFA / FIH certified field?

The field needs to be built by a reliable and capable contractor, with turf that is FIFA or FIH preferred and needs to undergo testing from a registered affiliate of FIFA and FIH.

How are lines created on the field?

Majority of the lines can tufted into the turf when being manufactured, however the circles and some of the box lines and markings need to be cut in and glued on-site.

Can we use line marking paint on turf?

Yes, you may however this also fades as it does on grass fields.

When we replace turf in 8 or 10 years, do we need to fix or replace the base or e-layer?

This layers will need be inspected for levels, tolerances and wear and tear, but generally the base can last longer than one field replacement. This is dependant on the contractors who built the initial layers.

Is there a Fifa certified 5-a-side football field and what are the dimensions?

There is no FiFA certified 5-a-side but there are recommended dimensions of 36.5m x 27m.There are no FIFA certified 5-a-side fields and we can manufacture to your specific dimension requirements. Most fields range between the tennis court size of 17m x 34m, 18m x 36m and some 20m x 40m.
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