Outdoor performance sport surfaces for demanding athletes.

Indoor performance sport surfaces for demanding athletes.


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Greenfields has specially developed surfaces that meet the demanding standards of rugby's international governing bodies.
Rugby, but better.
The development of artificial grass surfaces over recent years has brought a dramatic improvement of the playability of rugby fields. The improved qualities of these new surfaces have been recognised by the international governing bodies of both rugby and soccer, who have amended their rules to allow the use of artificial grass pitches in their competitions.


Safe, even and consistent playing surface
Easy and cost-effective maintenance
Excellent shock absorption
Natural look
All-season lush surface


GreenFields Slide Max 60

& Accreditation

Approved by World Rugby
Suitable for competition play
World Rugby preferred producer

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Our 16 sport surfaces, international partnerships and Green credentials

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Service Offering.

Having established ourselves as the leading specialised sports surface supplier and installer in South Africa, our partnerships and experience allows us to consult, construct, install, test and maintain all types of sport surfaces, providing the best solutions to meet our customer’s needs.
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We are the leading performance sport surface supplier and installer in South Africa.

We have manufactured and/or installed over 350 projects in Southern Africa.


We are ISO 14001:2015 compliant. In short all our products and services can have a significant positive impact on the environment.
We offer 16 performance sport surfaces for indoor and outdoor use.


We are the market leader in experience, knowledge, construction, products, safety and quality performance systems.