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Over 25 years, Herculan has been developing, producing and installing high-end, epoxy and polyurethane based synthetic floor finishes.

Herculan has the right floor for every purpose. All floor finishes are seamless, durable, hygienic, easy to clean and environmentally friendly. Worldwide Herculan floors are successful with deliveries to and installation in more than 80 countries. Quality, durability, reliability and versatility are the core values which ensure the success and the continuity of Herculan.




Herculan provides an impressive range of high-quality polyurethane sports flooring systems. Worldwide renowned for durability, comfort, safety and performance! Each sports hall or gym floor system can be designed to fit your budget, facility and activity needs. For all levels of play and competition, from children to professional players...
All Herculan sports floors are easy to maintain and can be resurfaced quickly and economically when required.




Herculan athletic track surfaces and multifunctional systems are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and meet the latest European Standards for Track and Field, the EN 14877 and IAAF regulations and technical standards. The systems are also fulfilling the latest DIN 18035-7 Environmental Requirements.
Our surfaces provide safety and comfort to children and sportsmen, as well as support athletes in their efforts to achieve top performance and at the same time reduce risk of injuries.
Our premium system solutions are extremely durable and weather resistant. Therefore functionality is maintained for the long run and the systems can be installed and used in all climates.
We offer a wide range of innovative products and systems that fits numerous sports facilities and budgets...
The seamless surfaces can be easily renovated or re-topped.