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Sports halls require high performing surfaces to meet the demands of the various sports being played on them. The floors need to be seamless, impermeable, durable, resistant and easy to clean. Belgotex Sports has taken into consideration the different types of training that may take place and in conjunction with partners have developed tailor-made sports floors.





  • Taraflex – Prefabricated multi-layered roll system.
  • Herculan – Instiu multi-layered system



  • Protection – the property of the floor that brings immediate comfort to all users when falling, diving or sliding on the floor
  • Safety – the property of the floor that helps to reduce long term injury risk.
  • Life – we ensure a long lasting high performance for the lifetime of the floors
  • Consistent playing surface, optimal player surface, and ball interaction
  • Specific shock absorption and energy restitution levels