Belgotex Sport Fairmont Easter Tournament Dances On

Belgotex Sport Fairmont Easter Tournament Dances On

30 Mar

2 Apr

Outdoor Hockey

The echoing sound that rang out after a ball was struck at the 2021 Belgotex Fairmont Hockey Tournament has not been missed in this year’s edition. The relaxing of Covid-19 regulation and allowing supporters back has meant that the deafening silence has been replaced by a symphonic bliss of fans. The kids on show at South Africa’s largest Easter Tournament have been inspired by it and have produced a display that has made Netflix views demise while the surge on SS Schools has been notable.

On day 2, the moving day, some teams brought their best So you Think you can Dance moves, pirouetting their way to positions that ultimately will see them contest for the semi-finals tomorrow with an eye on the trophy much like Gollum’s on the ring.

The team with the best blitz feet in Group A of the Boys tournament is surprisingly Charlie Hofmeyer who produced a foot loose type of performance in drawing with DF Malan, the favourites of the group, who added that to a defeat to Bishops. As a result, Charlie Hofmeyer and Bishops will play tomorrow in a virtual quarter-final to tap dance their way into the afternoons semi-finals.

In Group B its Paarl Gim who are showing Greased Lightning type of moves in stretching into the distance scoring 34goals in just four goals and conceding just 2. If they avoid defeat against Stellenberg tomorrow, they will be set in the top 4. York will be watching from the wings hoping to capitalise on any error by the Paarl Gim boys.

Group C will see a head-to-head battle like the Capulets and the Montagues in Romeo and Juliet. Pearson and Somerset will arm wrestle, while playing a game of hockey, with a victory for either being enough for a spot in the final four. Somerset almost had it wrapped up for themselves before being held to a draw by Paarl Boys.

Group D has already been decided with Windhoek Gym securing a spot with moves like Jagger in winning four out of four. They have built their performances around solid defence and better chance taking. Their final group game tomorrow will be an opportunity to tweak a few moves ahead of what they hope will not be the last dance in the semi-finals tomorrow.

As we tap our way across from the boy’s tournament to the girl’s tournament the dance moves, and my knowledge of dance movies to reference here, grows in impressiveness and depth. Masidanse!

In Group A the hosts Fairmont have one foot in the semi as their performance have taken centre stage so far. They play a team without a point on the board needing only one to Sauté (Google it) into the semi-finals and continue their quest for the Emmy award. They might also be looking to win the tournament, but don’t stop believing… (Ok I’ll stop)

In Group B Somerset have found Fame in their goal scoring prowess. Their four games as have produced a superb 25 goals, with only two of those that have been in their own net. Avoid defeat against Milnerton tomorrow and they will be in the semi-finals literally screaming Bring it on!

As you read this you may think that the author has watched a lot of dance movies. The truth is that I haven’t, but I’ve watched a lot of hockey and it fills me with Glee! Both St Cyprians and Hudson Park have been staying alive in the tournament with equal points and the winner likely to be decided by goal difference. Its St Cyprians who hold the aces in this race right now, but as Kenny Rogers once said, you have to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away and know when to run.

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